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Tamagotchi    Secrets

To make your Tama smarter-after winning two games in a row,right after the second game is over press the "c" button To get twins-When your Tamagotchi is an angel hold all three buttons down untill the beep and let go of"b" and "c".Hold "a" down plus the reset button for 3 seconds. To make your Tama grow up faster-When your Tama is awake,press "b" and go to the clock.Press "a" and "c" to set the clock.Set the clock at it's bedtime(usually 9:00pm) and it will go to sleep.(Press "c" to set the clock).When it's asleep go to the clock again.Set it at it's bedtime(usually 9:00am).(caution this may cause side effects to it's health)! To get triplets-You must have previously had twins for thi to work.While your twins are flying away,press "a" then "c" then "a" again,and press reset. To get for Tamas-You must have previously had triplets fo this to work.While your triplets are flying away,press "a" and "c" then "a" and "b" together.Press reset. Gender code-AS soon as your Tama is born push "a" and "b","c","b", "a" then "c" and your Tama will tell you if it's a male or female.To put your Tama on pause-Press "b" and go to the clock.When you get to the clock press "a" and "c" and leave on set mode. To get the mame-chi-Keep discipline at 100% and keep hearts full. To get the secret character-keep the weight under 55 pounds for the first three years and keep hearts full.

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